posted Nov 15, 2009, 4:42 PM by Ly Vuong   [ updated Jan 28, 2011, 3:58 PM by T NP ]

Many other mericlones of miniature, compact and standard Cattleya hybrids, such as:

  • Blc. Haw Yuan Beauty 'Rainbow' x Pot.Haw Yuan Glory 'Golden Angel' - Very striking dark lavender petals and lip with off white sepals.
  • Blc. Royal Oaks
  • Blc. Rustic Spots 
  • Lc. Star Parade 'Volcano Queen' - Lovely light lavender flowers with yellow throat on upright stem.
  • Pot. Husky Boy 'Michael' - Nice yellow with red lip.  More red than the 'Romeo' clone.
  • Pot. Tsiku Gloriosa 'Tien' - Dark lavender edgings on very pale lavender background.