posted Nov 16, 2009, 5:52 PM by T NP   [ updated Dec 14, 2010, 2:25 PM ]
We currently have various hybrids in spike/bud/bloom, including the following:
  • Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl 'Ming Ho' AM/AOS.
  • Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl 'Pink Lady' -Blushing pink harlequin. Older plant with 2 branching flower spikes.
  • Dtps. King Shiang's Rose x P. Ton Jy Pecan 'Ruben' AM/AOS - Dark lavender red flowers borne on tall branching flower stems.  All are older plants with 2 stems.
  • Dtps. Leopard Prince 'M-P0415' AM/AOS - White with heavy lavender spots & stripes.  Older plant with 2-3 flower spikes.
  • Dtps. Sinica Cherry.
  • Dtps. Taida Pearl.
  • Phal. Anika - Medium white.
  • Phal. (Golden Peoker x Brother Fancy).  Waxy white flowers with dark lavender, almost harlequin blotches.  Older plant with 2 branching flower spikes.
  • Phal. Pinlong Memoristopher 'Best' - Small size white.  Very vigorous and very often produce 2 flower stems even in young plants.  
  • Phal. stuartiana 'Sogo' HCC/AOS - Most in multiple branching spikes.
  • Phal. Turandot - Waxy white with heavy lavender spots.