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posted Dec 1, 2011, 8:13 PM by T NP
We often have promotions and sales in the store.  If you want to receive notification e-mails on these specials, please subscribe to our Orchids For You Announcement mailing list. You can just send us an email orchids-for-you-announcements+subscribe@googlegroups.com, or fill out the announcement form with the check box Announcement checked.

We receive numerous questions and discussions about orchids, and if you want to share your orchids knowledge, pictures or have questions on how to care for your orchids, please subscribe and join us on our Orchids For You Discussion group. To join, just send us an email: orchids-for-you-discussions+subscribe@googlegroups.com, or fill out the discussion form with the check box Discussions checked.

We all hate e-mail spams, so at any time you want to remove your email address from either of the mailing lists, you can unsubscribe yourself from the group or just drop us an email and we will promptly take care of it.

Write to us

You can also drop us an email at: Info@OrchidsForYou.net